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Welcome from Greenwich Pathfinder Club!

Pathfinder’s is a club that enables young people to gain skills that will enable to be great leaders and brilliant members of their local community. Pathfinders is split into six classes and each group has the opportunity to learn age specific skills in leadership, drilling and marching and camping, to name a few. Anyone between the age of 10-16 can be a pathfinder. The club is sponsored by the Seventh-Day Adventist world church but everyone is welcome to join us! As a youth club we ensure that skills are gained in an engaging and interactive way, to cater to the creative and talented minds of our next generation.

Throughout our last pathfinder year we have engaged in many fun activities and trips including rally day*, curriculum camp, camporee in Jamaica and a TLT (Teen Leadership Training) trip to the Isle of Wight. Next year’s plans are even more exciting !
This blog was created to broadcast the activities that we take part in throughout the year in order to show our local community how amazing the pathfinder club is.

Want to know more? Why don’t you contact us on our email, we will be happy to answer any enquiries. We hope to hear from you soon.

From the Greenwich TLT’s!