Thursday: Faith on Earth?

Daily Lesson for Thursday 14th of December 2023

In Luke 18:8, Jesus asks this question at the end of one of His parables: “ ‘When the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?’ ” (NKJV). As Christ’s disciples today, we need to see what Jesus is looking for. In this story, we can see that Jesus is looking for faith that shines even amid darkness.

Read Matthew 8:10,13; Matthew 9:2; Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 2:5; Mark 10:1-52:46-52; and Luke 18:35-43. In these passages, whom does Jesus describe as having faith?

A man sits on a fence undecided between the earth and the cross.

This list includes people with faith that shone even in dark cities. In Capernaum, Jesus highlights several people with faith. In Matthew 8:10,13, we see a converted pagan centurion with great faith. We meet four faith-filled friends who ripped up the roof to bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus (Matthew 9:2, Mark 2:5). In Mark 10:1-52, we meet the former blind man, Bartimaeus, whose faith shines bright in Jericho.

At the same time, we would expect that among God’s people there would be great faith. Yet, even in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, little faith—or even outright unbelief—was the limiting factor to Christ’s ministry. Among His disciples, several times Jesus says of Israel, “O ye [thou] of little faith!” (Matthew 6:30, Matthew 8:26, Matthew 14:31, Matthew 16:8). And in Matthew 17:17, Jesus exclaims, “O faithless and perverse generation”!

One lesson that we can apply to today is that faith is found in unexpected places: in the cities among foreigners, pagans, and people with different religions. In humility, we must go into the cities as Jesus did, seeking out those who, when presented with truth, will respond with a saving faith in Jesus. And they are indeed out there.

Challenge: Open your heart in prayer for a greater portion of faith with which to share your love for those near and far.


Challenge Up: How did you come to know Jesus and the precious three angels’ messages? List three spiritual blessings that you have experienced from Jesus in your personal life. Prepare to share these concepts with your Sabbath School class.


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