Pastor’s Update 4 – COVID-19

Vol 1. No. 4. April 3, 2020

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Pastor S Matthias Esson

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Pastoral Care

Isaiah 40:1-8 New International Version (NIV) Comfort, comfort my people, says your God…

Talking about comfort that keeps my boat buoyant [last week], not all comforters are great comforts. Job called his friends who came to bring him comfort, “miserable comforters” [2:11;16:2]. Barry Web [1996], wrote, “Comfort that is not grounded in reality is no comfort at all.”

In Isaiah, the comfort that God’s messenger is commissioned to bring to God’s people, is based on four solid truths of reality. I don’t want you to miss these nor do I want you to be mistaken about their applications.

T1. The people Isaiah spoke to were imperilled but they were in reality, God’s chosen people [1]. Here is the reality. Endangerment does not negate God’s ownership of you. You might be imperilled by COVID-19, but take comfort, you are God’s child. He cares for you.

T2. The people were forgiven. Read again verse 2. Forgiveness here was not a promised but a present reality. Be comforted in this reality – every child of God is forgiven. Claim yours today.

T3. God will act to give concrete expression to the fact that He has forgiven His people. He is preparing a highway in the desert [3-5]. This highway is not just for the Lord; it is also for His people. 

He will not leave them to the savagery and pestilences of the desert. His plan is to take them home with Him. Isaiah’s messenger of comfort primarily prefigures/typifies the ministry of John in the wilderness in heralding the coming of the Messiah preparing the way into the kingdom of grace – John 1:22-23. However, ultimately, the messenger speaks of gospel ministries in the last days, preparing the way leading to the mansions, Jesus is preparing for the saved, in the kingdom of glory, John 14:1-3. The ultimate concrete expression of your forgiveness will be your key to your mansion in the kingdom of glory. Take hold of that by faith, and to it today.

T4. The fourth and final truth is this: God’s word is totally trustworthy and reliable [vv. 6-8]. God word stands fast forever. He will not alter the things that are gone out of his mouth [Psalm 89:34].

“Reliance on the word of God is not fatalistic or superstitious. It is not trust in something impersonal like a star or a Goodluck charm. It is trust in a person who is committed to us and has all the resources necessary to care for us,” [Web, 1996].

What a comfort to know that we are God’s people; we are forgiven; God has a plan to take us to be at home with Him; and what a comfort it is to know that we can trust His word. May Psalm 91:1-16 and Deut. 7:15 bring you comfort and peace despite COVID-19.

“Reliance on the word of God is not fatalistic or superstitious. It is not trust in something impersonal like a star or a Goodluck charm…”

Tithes and Offerings during the Pandemic

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A Prayer for God’s Intervention in Coronavirus Crisis

[your participation by reading the bold portion]

God of compassion, mercy and grace.  In this our time of need, we confess our sins and we register our fears and admit we are scared of COVID-19. We ask You to be close to those who are anxious, ill, or in isolation.

In their loneliness, be their consolation; in their anxiety, be their hope; in their darkness, be their light;

Merciful Father we pray for all NHS staff and medical researchers. Give them skill, patience and resilience in their caring for the sick. Grant your wisdom to those searching for a cure. May the breakthrough be swift.

We pray with thanksgiving in name of Jesus Christ, who Himself suffered alone on the cross, but who, now reigns with you in glory, and has promised to come again to effect the full and final restoration of our planet, removing sin, sickness, disease and death.

O Lord ready us for this coming time of victory – Amen.

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