Pastor’s Update 3 – COVID-19

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Vol 1. No. 3. March 27, 2020

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Pastor S Matthias Esson

Pastor of Greenwich and Sydenham SDA Churches
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Pastoral Care

Isaiah 40:1 New International Version (NIV) Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.

Comfort is in short supply. The news media is full of, saturated with death, the deficiencies in our health services, delays of government to be ruthless in response to COVID-19 etc. The media itself is taking its toll, probably more depressing than the disease itself. One commentator fearing the potential psychological fall-out that listening to the media might cause, suggests we listen less in order to maintain sanity and psychological balance. I am not sure how much comfort there might be in listening less. But what I do know and of which I am confident is this – God wants his people to have comfort. Notice the words of the prophet. “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, says your God.” 

The word, nä.kham,’ carries a number of different but related meanings. In the Piel [verb] form used in this verse, it means to comfort or to console. These words speak to our security, contentment and well-being in Christ. In an atmosphere of reported failure, fear, fright and death, the God of comfort [2 Cor 1:3] wants his messengers to bring a word of comfort to His people. God wants His people to be mentally and emotionally healthy.

Contextually, the Babylonians were real and were a real coming threat to God’s people [Isaiah 39]. Corona is a real crisis. The battle to evict COVID-19 is real and raging. My message to you is this: Don’t be manic, forget the panic. In every crisis there is Christ. Take your vitamins; follow the government’s imperative – take your daily allowable exercise walks; keep your social distancing; follow the good hygiene rules, being confident that your heavenly father, the God of all comfort is with you/me, even in rough times – Psalm 23.

This very thought keeps my boat buoyant. May it do the same for you – for this I pray.

Don’t be manic, forget the panic. In every crisis there is Christ.

The Etiquette of The Epidemic

  1. Stay at home except for the very limited reasons allowed by government.
  2. Keep your distance: observe the social distance rule.
  3. Follow the good hygiene rule: wash your hand thoroughly and frequently for 20 seconds.

Honour Work - Works

So, what can you do during this stay at home period? Suggestions for this week, Mar 28- Apr 4. While at home complete the following AY Honours this week.

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Stay Safe and Blessed

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