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  • Tuesday: Idols of the Soul 23/05/2016
    See more posts by Sabbath School Lesson Read Matthew 19:16-30. As New Testament Christians, how are we to relate to this story today? What lessons can we take from it for ourselves? Though not much is told us specifically about this man, we can pick up a few salient points. He was rich, a ruler […]
    Sabbath School Lesson
  • Monday: The Greatness of Forgiveness 22/05/2016
    See more posts by Sabbath School Lesson One of the worst consequences of the Fall is seen in interpersonal relationships. From Adam trying to blame Eve for his sin (Gen. 3:12) to this moment on earth today, our race has been ravaged and degraded by conflict between individuals. Unfortunately, conflicts are not just in the […]
    Sabbath School Lesson
  • Looking Ahead: Idols of the Soul (and Other Lessons from Jesus) 21/05/2016
    See more posts by Gerald Greene I recently listened to Professor Patricia Greenfield from UCLA describe how television shows watched by pre-teenagers have shifted from community-based issues to fame-based issues during the last fifteen years. Our young people are now encouraged to aim for fame while their sports heroes engage in “trash talk” that displays no […]
    Gerald Greene
  • Sunday: The Greatness of Humility 21/05/2016
    See more posts by Sabbath School Lesson Who doesn’t aspire to greatness? That is, who doesn’t want to be great or do great things? This desire doesn’t always have to arise from selfishness or from ego or arrogance. It could simply be doing the very best that you can at whatever you do, hoping perhaps […]
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  • Sabbath: Idols of the Soul 20/05/2016
    See more posts by Sabbath School Lesson Read for This Week’s Study: Eccles. 9:10; Matt. 18:1-4; Matt. 18:21-35; Matt. 19:16-30; Gal. 3:21-22; Matt. 19:27. Memory Text:“At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, ‘Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’” (Matthew 18:1, NIV). As human beings, we are products of […]
    Sabbath School Lesson